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[W][R]Codex updates and more

18th September 2011 by Dino

The Codex of Ultima Wisdom has news of its progress:

Over 900,000 page views!
Blu3vib3 has almost finished rewriting all the Ultima VII character descriptions.
Ultima V: Lazarus maps and NPCs are nearly finished.
Substantial new information about the various Ultima Manga
More work on Sosarian Spells
Locations in Ultima Online
Countless minor improvements

More news from Aiera:

Following up on Aiera's most recent coverage, there appears to be even more recent news at the Ultima 6 remake for Exult. This newspost speaks of the new Quenton side quest as well as a new team member who is improving portraits to the quality of Serpent Isle while keeping them faithful to the original (a couple of samples have been posted).

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