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[S][F]New TLV Chapters

19th February 2006 by Dino

A couple of years ago, Aloisio Senra had sent me a continuation of Amazing Dragon's "The Lost Vale" fanfiction (Chapter 15). Recently he sent me a revised version of Chapter 15, as well as chapters 16, 17 and 18. They have been uploaded and you can go ahead and read them.

Speaking of The Lost Vale, if anyone out there has a copy of the zip file containing a saved version of the original fanfiction (i.e. exactly as it was when Amazing Dragon hosted it), please send it to my Gmail email (see the Contact page). I had lost that zip file last year when migrating between computers and, while the fanfiction is online, I might someday upgrade it to be more like how it originally was (though still without the frames). I will need the zip file to do that, though.

I'll catch up with news from the Ultima community another time.

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