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[W][R]Lots of project updates

19th March 2007 by Petrell

Thepal has upgraded the Infinity Eternal site and posted a progress update :

I decided that the website needed an upgrade, so I threw this one together.

As for the progress, it goes along at a steady pace. The Wiki is taking slightly longer than I anticipated, probably because I've just started a new job and therefore am working a lot. Life doesn't seem to want to let this project progress quickly.

The good news is that two people have contacted me about joining the team. Jeremy LaMantia is a talented composer who has already written eight different themes that I've heard.

MartinLoki is a world-builder who is hard at work creating the heightmap for Britannia. If you're wondering about the size of this game, picture Britannia in Ultima 7. Then double it. Then double it again. Then multiply it by around 100. Ok... that might be a slight exaggeration. But it is huge. Those of you that have played Oblivion, we're aiming for around four times the size of Cyrodiil. For some real world figures, we're talking 8 miles by 8 miles (13km x 13km). Which is 64 square miles (165 square kilometres). And that's not including the other worlds you can visit as well. This will be Britannia like it has never been seen before.

Now's the time to contact us about joining the team. If you think you can help, let me know at thepal at etherealsoftware dot com dot au.

In other news, we once again have a forum, so feel free to drop by and fill it with posts.

Zephyr posted an update at Project Britannia site about the status of the Ultima 6 Project :

Just a quick update to let everyone know we're still alive. Sorry that we have not kept the news up to date. The U6 Project has primarily been working on their content, and they are finishing up what they're calling M3 Part 1 as we speak. No timeframe has been announced, but most of the content is in place and is being tested.

Frilly Wumpus has been busy working with WyrdWeb on revamping the Project Britannia conversation system to use what's known as Usecode. This is a more complex and extremely flexible way of editing NPC conversations. This will allow a whole host of new quest concepts to be implemented, plus a bunch of new, fun features.

The U6 Project still looking for people conversant with the Siege Editor to help us finish up their content. That is their main blocking item. All the technology is in place; they just need people to help finish building the world. They also still need portrait artists.

Stay tuned! We are very much still alive and kicking.

Also Frilly Wumpus made an addition to the previous news topic that Gileathane Dragon, a writer and QA for Lazarus, has recently joined U6P and is currently getting familiar with the toolset and will be helping out where needed in dialogue, quests, and when he's comfortable with his skills, world building.

Iris Team have abandoned development of Ultima Iris and have started project from scratch using Ogre 3D engine. Iris2 (also known as Iris-Ogre) has already been in development for 6 months and release is planned for the end of the month.

Exult mod, the Black Gate Keyring, has been updated with new SI-style avatar portraits and sprites and new "angry" portrait for Laurianna glows. The new Avatar portraits and and sprites are also available in Avatar Pack. Both Mods can be downloaded from Seven Towers.

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