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19th March 2008 by Dino

Last month, Joshua Lawrence contacted me and Withstand the Fury Dragon (who has already posted about it) about a new version of the Adventure Creation Kit (3.0) that was released by Chris Hopkins. In Joshua's own words:

It has a number of big advances, including experience levels, bmp skinning of the main play-screen and dialogs, and more detailed day/night cycles that can be tied to, for instance, moongate appearances.

Most importantly [...], it now includes an 'Ultima Kit' you can use to build your adventures - it includes tiles from Ultima V and a bunch of Ultima-world objects, including the aforementioned moongates. The 'Demo2' adventure shows off the Ultima graphics, the time cycling (including two moons in the sky), Ultima music, and the moongates.

The ACK site has been moved to Joshua's main Mozomedia site; visitors can use shorter URLs to access the ACK site or the download page.

There are 6 new versions of Stones at the Stones Archive. Thanks goes to Peter Haytko for letting me know.

Those of you who enjoyed the work of Santiago Zapata (who has written several Roguelikes including DrashRL) will be pleased to know that he has just spawned a new creation. Santiago has just released a new game called MegamanRL, for the 7DRL challenge.

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