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[S]Ultima WebDB2 is out

19th March 2011 by Dino

It's been a while since I've added anything to Dino's Ultima Page other than news, and a indeed few cobwebs have crept in. I've made some updates today - I've updated a few links, and added a new section on Killing Lithos early (the same that I posted in the news last time) in the U8 Fun page.

But most importantly, I have added the Ultima WebDB2. This is a database of Ultima websites, and is the successor to the old Ultima Web Directory and Ultima Web Database which you can still access through the navigation menu to the left. This is a project I started back in December 2009, but I had stopped working on it due to other priorities. Today I finished the back end that allows easy maintenance of this database.

The reason why I left many broken links to dead sites throughout Dino's Ultima Page was that I wanted to store them in this database. If these links are lost forever, then it will be difficult to find them even in the Internet Archive, as people would have to rely on memory to remember the links. Now that this database is ready for use, general cleanup of this site can begin.

If anyone would like to give a hand with posting news or maintaining this website database, please contact me. I have very little time lately, and it is evident that news here has become infrequent.

For other news from the Ultima community up to today, check out Aiera. I will catch up with the community news another day.

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