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[S][W][R]U5Redux Pre-Alpha Demo

19th March 2020 by Dino

U5 Redux's most recent update is almost a month old, and I missed reporting on it since I was travelling at the time. However, it's an exciting update, because a pre-alpha demo is now available for Windows and Mac. The post also includes a report on recent progress (lots of improvements in there) and possible plans for next things to work on.

In other news, as I am gradually making various improvements to Dino's Ultima Page, I have removed the Accessibility page. This page contained links to alternate formats in which the news here was available (i.e. RSS, WML and XML), as well as instructions on how to change stylesheets. While the RSS feed is still available via the icon in the left menu, the rest have been removed, as I understand they were not being used.

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