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[S][W][R]Several updates

19th April 2006 by Dino

Over the past few days, Ultima IV Multiplayer has seen several updates:

On 10th April, there was an update to the Exult website, describing what the team has been busy with lately. This includes improved support for game details such as NPC schedules and combat; as well as better support for mods. The Exult website also mentions two large mods.

In fact, over the past few months people have been busy making mods for Exult. I have compiled a list of these mods in a new page dedicated to Exult mods. Not all of them are new; some have been mentioned in the news here, in the past.

Also, according to a topic at the Exult forum, the Exult documentation and FAQ have been updated.

There is an interesting topic about gumps in the Exult forum. Apart from discussing where the word 'gump' came from, it points to the blog of Jason Ely, who worked on Ultima 8 among other games (the blog entry is about gumps).

I have also added a link to an old Exult interview at RPGDot to the Exult section in my Ultima Web Directory.

Aiera's last update (which dates back to three months ago) mentions, among other things, a link to a page by Sir Iceblade which lists all known Ultima forums.

Work has been progressing on Ultima V for TI Calculators. The most prominent additions are moongate travel and shoppe talk. Also, Omnimaga, which originally had all the info and screenshots for this remake, has died. David Randall created a new topic with several animated gif demos. The page about this remake on Dino's Ultima Page has been updated to reflect all these changes.

That's all I'll be mentioning for today. I've caught up with a lot of news but there's still a lot left, especially from Titans of Ether, a little from Aiera, and several updates in the Ultima news topic. Keep checking this topic when I'm unable to post news.

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