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[S][W]CRPG Addict in Minoc; Corven Kickstarter ends

19th July 2020 by Dino

The CRPG Addict has once again posted about his progress in Ultima VII: The Black Gate, mainly focusing on the Minoc area. Aside from the town itself, he has explored all of the nearby dungeons, investigated the Britannia Mining Company's antics, and taken side trips to other places including Ambrosia.

In a minor update to the Ultima 8 Hidden Things page, I've added a link to a video in which Fernando Akin breaks outside the boundaries of Tenebrae and spends almost 20 minutes messing around. I've also removed the link to the original forum topic where I explained the discoveries about the area boundaries in Ultima 8, since this has been broken for a long time and is no longer accessible even via the Wayback Machine.

The second Kickstarter of Corven: Path of Redemption has by now concluded, having raised over $40,000 -- a few thousand short of the goal of the first Kickstarter, but double the amount required by this second one.

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