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[W][R]Multiplayer-U4 finds host

19th November 2004 by Dino

Ultima 4 Multiplayer has found someone willing to host the server. Things will be set up for public testing over the next couple of weeks. Time has not been wasted while waiting to find a host, as death and resurrection have been implemented, and transports have been improved.

While there hasn't been any official news from Nuvie lately, there has been some other news concerning it in the forum. At one particular topic, it is noted that the Nuvie documentation has been updated with advanced configuration settings, and Pieter Luteijn has been working on implementing magic (you can follow his progress at his own webspace).

And finally, a short progress report from Pentagram. There were many bugfixes; missiles now use proper collision detection; and combat is always drawing nearer to implementation.

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