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[W][R]Ultima Cartography Project

19th November 2009 by Dino

This week I was contacted by Mark Mitchell, who is working on an Ultima project that is unique in its kind. Mark is a fan of historical cartography and has embarked on a mapping project to reimagine Britannia as if it were real. His work so far has been posted in a thread at Cartographer's Guild, and he is very interested in receiving feedback from from Ultima fans. People who know a bit about erosion and geology could be particularly useful.

In other news, Ophidian Dragon has posted in his Blogging Ultima about woes when trying to run Ultima Underworld. Can anyone help?

Also, Iris2 is recovering from their recent server crash. The forum is back online; a backup has been restored (though with no file attachments) and they have upgraded to phpbb3.

Update: I forgot to mention that Aiera is temporarily down due to domain problems, which should hopefully be resolved soon enough.

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