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[W][R]U4 dev diary, UXO update

19th December 2003 by Dino

Yesterday, the update to the Ultima IV: The Dawn of Virtue website was delayed for the third consecutive day. However, today there has been an actual update - a new entry in the development diary describes what's been going on in the remake's development.

UltimaDot has also pointed out the above update to the Ultima 4 remake's website. Furthermore, modeller requests in the "Fan Development forum at the Wayward Avatar has also been pointed out. As far as Ultima X is concerned, UltimaDot links to the fourth part of RPGVault's Ultima X interview, as well as to the official Ultima X website, where there has been an avalanche of updates including new media (AIM icons, videos and wallpapers), Links (Developer Feedback and fan sites), a new feature (Virtue Abilities), a new orc fiction and an update to the FAQ.

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