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News articles

[W][R]Large update from Titans of Ether

20th February 2008 by Petrell

Corv has posted rather large update at Titans of Ether. The update includes 27 new screenshots, 5 new music tracks (of 130 track soundtrack!!!) as well as update to Redemption status page and team roster where Direhaggis and Zini have been promoted to team Co-Directors.

Serpent Isle Fixes and Black Gate Keyring mod at Seven Towers have been updated to be compatible with latest Exult snapshots. SIFixes has also received feature that allows player to ask Shamino to set the time format of watch to 24-hour time or back if they change their mind

EUO3D 0.13 has been released. The new version adds support for md2 models, adds possible fix for flashing intro screen and integrates all changes from moa 0.81 patch.

Ranman's Ultima V for Ti Calculators is moving steadily towards completion. Special capabilities of the Crown Jewels have been implemented and Ranman has completed the final scrub of the NPC transcripts. He'll still need to at least go thru Shop transcripts and add ability to leave party members to inns to allow getting rid of less useful party members but the list of things to do is steadily getting shorter.

News from UltimaDot :

CVG has published and article about the ways player can kill Lord British in various Ultima games.

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