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[W]Garriott returns to Gaming

20th February 2010 by Dino

Both Petrell at Aiera's news comments and Sergorn Dragon at La Legende d' Ultima have noted that Richard Garriott has returned to gaming through a new company called Portalarium, together with old-time colleagues such as Dallas Snell, Fred Schmidt and Stephen Nichols. Read more at the press release on the Portalarium website.

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera posted about a YouTube play-through of Ultima 6 (currently in progress). However, as I noted in the comments, a Let's Play of Ultima 6 already exists, with substantial screenshots and dialogue.

Also, Ophidian Dragon at Blogging Ultima wrote an answer to those who think the blog is dead. The answer was that obviously the play-through is over so the blog's purpose was accomplished a while ago, but Ophidian Dragon may occasionally still find new interesting things to post.

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