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[W][R]Titans, Legende and Exult Studio Guides

20th August 2005 by Dino

I've got an update to last time's newspost in which I said that La Legende d' Ultima vanished from the web. Looks like "The Ultima Legend", as it's called in English, moved to a new location to get rid of the plague of Lycos adverts. Among the few minor fixes and the translation of more pages from French to English, the website now also hosts the old Ultima X trailer.

As Gradilla Dragon posted on Aiera, the Exult Studio Guides website is being abandoned by its current administrator and needs someone to take care of it. Anyone interested should post to the relevant topic at the Exult forum.

The Titans of Ether website has been updated with the last part of the timeline, a load of new screenshots, and a Redemption wallpaper.

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