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[S][W][R]Old info sites

20th September 2004 by Dino

I've been working on the upcoming Ultima Web Directory, which is to replace the old Links page, and have stumbled upon some news about old Ultima information sites that probably nobody checks any more. First of all, the old "Avocet Dragon's Journey to Sosaria", one of the great info sites of old, appears to have vanished from the web. Secondly - and this comes almost seven months late, but nobody else has mentioned it yet - the Moongates Ultima 4 Annex has been updated last February after three years to give mention to xu4.

News from Aiera, apart from announcing the new "Agape" Ultima 7 remake, brings relieving news from Lost Sosaria: the missing areas have already been recovered.

Speaking of the Ultima Web Directory, I'm glad to say it's almost finished. I'm hoping to release it this week, but if I don't, it will have to wait a little while longer, as I start school next week and will no doubt be very busy.

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