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20th October 2009 by Dino

Aiera posted a link to a YouTube playlist called Let's Play Ultima V Lazarus: Warriors of Destiny, which is a video-documented playthrough of the popular Ultima V remake for the Dungeon Siege engine. If my guess is correct, the author, Stuart Kerrigan, is the author of the Lost Vale fanfiction for which Dino's Ultima Page first appeared on the web.

In his most recent post, Ophidian Dragon resumed Blogging Ultima by undertaking the laborious and daring task of writing an Ultima 9 review.

Ultima: Iris had some server problems recently. The site is back but apparently some problems persist. From the website itself:

6.10.2009: due to a crash in the raid system and as a result a broken filesystem we have a bunch of server-problems, we put up this temporary website until we can restore the original data.

The Nazghul website, after almost a year without news, now reports that Nazghul and Haxima 0.7.0 have been released.

Firstknight at Forgotten World has found a way to disable fog on overworld maps in Ultima IX. In his latest newspost he discusses the method and the implications, and demonstrates the effects with three screenshots.

In this topic at the Exult forum, people have been discussing what became of the Ultima 7 comics created a few years ago by Damien Barban, also known as Galadis. The comics eventually disappeared from the web and although there is a partial copy on the Internet Archive, people have been trying to recover them.

Yesterday I began working on a rewrite for the Ultima Web Database. This is basically a work-in-progress database that should store details about all Ultima websites. The results of the rewrite are not yet visible because I am still working on it. The reasons for rewriting it are that the database design was not good enough and maintainability was also an issue. I have been holding off updating my information pages before setting up this new database simply because some old, defunct Ultima links may be lost in the process, and those links may be important to view old Ultima websites on the Internet Archive.

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