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[S]Ultima 4 Downloads

20th October 2019 by Dino

Nowadays, Ultima 4 can be downloaded for free on GOG.com, but that was not always the case. Long before this came to pass, the game was offered for free on several of the older Ultima Dragon websites. This is considered legal because of permission that Origin gave to UDIC in the 90s.

I used to have a list of these downloads (about 12 of them, at the time) in my Ultima 4 info page, but I took this down when Ultima Forever was announced in 2011, and EA started offering Ultima 4 downloads itself. Since Ultima Forever is now long gone, I've added a new Obtaining Ultima 4 section in there with links to GOG.com and UDIC downloads of Ultima 4. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, only a couple of the original Dragon-hosted downloads of Ultima 4 still survive today.

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