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[W][R]U6P and UVL fusion produces ships

21st January 2004 by Dino

The union between Lazarus and the Ultima 6 Project has led to the making of nautical navigation, i.e. ships. Both websites have been updated to point out the screenshots on the Ultima 6 Project's site.

Lifelust Dragon is now the latest on the roster.

Bootstrike, despite the notice that has been there since October about it having to eventually be put down, is still up. The "bye-bye" notice has been removed, but there seems to be no indication as to whether Bootstrike will remain alive and kicking or be forced to be put down with its web host. Since the Serpent Isle section has been updated on New Year's Day, it seems that the site is alive and well for now.

UltimaDot's latest news consists of having pointed out an Ultima X screenshot at OGaming and more Ultima X screenshots at Gamer's Pulse.

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