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[W]Interview with Richard Garriott

21st January 2009 by Dino

SixStringsGeek sent me a link to a video on Youtube of him playing 'Stones' on his guitar. A really nice piece of music, which also brings some nostalgia.

Meanwhile, Ophidian Dragon has posted a new entry in his blog ("Blogging Ultima") in which he answered some comments and also wrote short discussions of The Savage Empire and Martian Dreams.

And finally, here's a nice bit of news courtesy of Aiera: Richard Garriott has been interviewed by GameDaily. In the interview, Garriott talks about what is keeping him busy (mainly space-related stuff) and also discusses the possibility of returning to the gaming scene. In particular he talks about single-player and multi-player games, and expresses his fondness for Ultima.

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