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[W][R]Ultima III for Mac OS X Released; Lost Sosaria site restored; Infinity Eternal releases music

21st March 2007 by Petrell

WtFD at Aiera has posted news informing that LairWare has released Ultima III 2.0 for Mac OS X. Game features improved graphics but also contains number of classic tile sets from various platforms. The demo version's only limitation is that you can't visit the land of Ambrosia. Registering costs 15$.

WtFD has also restored Lost Sosaria but apparently work on the project has to be restarted from scratch due to loss of both primary and backup copies of original Lost Sosaria. But at the same time he assures that he has learned a lot since he began the work on the Lost Sosaria and the NWN custom content community has had time to mature has released tons of custom content he plans to take advantage of. Also he has shrunk the game are to more reasonable size from 2000(!) to around 350-400 areas and now focuses only on one continent. Have to tip my hat for this guy and wish him luck on his endevours!

Infinity Eternal composer Jeremy LaMantia has released some of the music he has been working on. Released music includes two virtue themes, one for valor and one for compassion, and theme for town of Vesper.

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