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[W][R]NCSoft's Tabula Rasa page

21st May 2005 by Dino

Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon (aka Wwwwolf) informed me about some interesting info about Richard Garriott that surfaced upon the web recently:

Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon: "At E3, NCSoft opened new web pages for their upcoming games, including Tabula Rasa - http://www.playtr.com/. Personally, I found Richard Garriott's ramblings on the "Team Bios" page very interesting =)"

Withstand the Fury Dragon at Aiera has added two Morrowind projects to the website. The Ultima 9 Freedom mod was added to the site, and WtFD is working to get a copy of Morrowind: Underworld.

It seems that team Lazarus got the dialogue writers it needed and is now progressing steadily. Tiberius will post a release date as soon as he knows there will be no more delays.

Only a couple of dragons have joined UDIC in the past month - Barney-Rubble Dragon and Ducky Dragon.

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