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[W][R]Voyager Dragon sighted! and other ultima news

21st July 2006 by Petrell

Voyager Dragon has again been sighted! This elusive creature has once again been spotted at Ultima : The Reconstruction where he added two new news posts about various mods that have been created for Exult. Is he planning a comeback or is this some secret plot to get our hopes up? Stay tuned as we bring you more news as the events unfold.

This is Toni "Petrell" Hurskainen, DUNN (Dino's Ultima News Network) News, reporting to you live from the scene of the incident.

In other Ultima news :

Resle from Ashes has posted an update informing that while Shadowmoses is off on his honeymoon, work on ashes continues albeit slowly due to real life constraints. He also lists things he has been working on, going into bit more detail on their modular portrait engine that he have been working on with their 2d artist, Vic Urievsky.

Forgotten World project founder and team lead "Firstknight" can no longer dedicate time to the project due to real life constraints. Fortunately rest of the team have decided to continue his work and have already met some success in figuring out and decoding some of the Ascension files. Project also has a new domain : www.forgottenworld.de

Ultima Iris client has been updated to version 0.8.7. Here's the list of changes :

Bugs fixed:
* Ship support for all UO ships
* Walking bug fixed (hack)
* a.s.o.

New Features:
* Speechsupport for RunUO (speech.mul)
* Diff-Mul Support

Nazghul DevBlog has been revived after half year dormancy.

Ultima Aiera's forum, the Sword and Shield has been down for some time now. Also The Titans of Ether transition to new host hasn't gone as smoothly as has been hoped and the site is again down for maintenance after being up only few days. Hopefully the problems are only temporary and we'll see the site fully operational again soon.

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