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[W][R]New domain etc

21st July 2007 by Dino

The 5th anniversary of Dino's Ultima Page is fast approaching. Recently I bought a domain (Null Neuron - my site is the 'Gigi' one) which I'm sharing with some friends. Eventually I will move all my sites there, including this Ultima site. I suppose the URL will be http://gigi.nullneuron.net/ultima/, so I suggest you make a bookmark for later. I won't move the sites there yet, to leave some time for migration and to let everyone update their bookmarks, but eventually they're all moving. I've been on shiftedphase for 4 and a half years now, and I have to thank Eric (Edbgon) for the webspace.

This week I started work with a local IT company, meaning that even in summer I won't have much time for Dino's Ultima Page. Sorry...

At Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon informs the Ultima community that he will be away for a while (23rd July to 11th August), and anyone who would like to post news in his stead should contact him.

At Seven Towers, a bug with The Black Gate Keyring mod has been fixed.

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