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[W][R]Ultima V for Ti Calculators 1.01 released and other Ultima news

21st July 2008 by Petrell

Lots of Ultima updates available today:

Ranman has released 1.01 version of his Ultima V for Ti Calculators. It contains following changes:

Hexxxer has created three DVD Covers for Ultima games. First is a Worlds of Ultima Collection cover for Worlds of Ultima games Savage Empire and Martian Dreams. Second is a Ultima Collection cover for first eight Ultimas. And third is a cover for Ultima IX: Ascension.

The Ultima 6 Project has opened a forum for discussion about their upcoming Mileston 5 release. They also uploaded new versions of britannia_art.dsres, britannia_logic.dsres and Lazarus/PB Compatibility Layer at Project Britannia Wiki.

Ultima Restoration Project has released new screenshots of Kilrathi Space Station in their remake of Ultima I - The First Age of Darkness for NWN. They've also reached new milestone and have all cities and space stations mapped and basis for dungeons created.

Marzo Sette Torres Junior made rather large changes to Exult and Exult Studio in the beginning of June. The update is mainly aimed for modders using Exult Studio. Check the changelog for full list of changes. Latest snapshots are available at project Download page.

Marzo also updated Black Gate Keyring and Avatar Pack mods at Seven Towers to be compatible with the latest snapshots of Exult.

EUO3D 0.16 was released. The new version added compressed map support and mini map.

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