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[S][W][R]Ducks and RSS feeds

21st September 2008 by Dino

I've added an RSS feed to the site, since it was requested. You can access it from the RSS icon in the navigation menu, or from the Old News page.

I've also added a Trivia page to the General Information section. Most interesting in this section is the story behind duck references in Ultima, which is an entertaining read. The story was originally posted in the Wayward Avatar forum, which no longer exists. Now it's back on the web thanks to Joe Garrity of the Origin Museum.

The Pentagram website has been updated for the first time this year, with the following news:

In the last few months, interest in Pentagram seems to have picked up again. A number of bugs were fixed since the last update, including camera fixes, key handling, containers (backpack, barrels, etc.), and a fix for a problem in the German versions of the U8. The default key binding for stasis moved from 'S' to 'F10'. The build should now properly support versions of autoconf greater than 2.60.

Mac OS X builds also received a lot of attention. They build system switched from XCode to a makefile-based system that builds Pentagram and dependencies using their traditional configure script and make methods. This allows us a greater amount of control over the builds and should help prevent changes to Pentagram for unix systems that break OS X builds and vice versa.

In response, Withstand the Fury Dragon has updated the Pentagram snapshots at Aiera.

More news from Aiera: a mapset expansion for EUO has been added.

Ophidian Dragon at Blogging Ultima has written a little review of Ultima 4 in his latest post.

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