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[W][R]U6 Remake - Loose Ends

21st September 2011 by Dino

The Ultima 6 Remake for Exult reports the following progress with regards to world building and plans to address what happened between Ultima V and VI:

AgentOrangeGuy has been doing some map building here and there, concentrating on Serpents' hold, currently working on the keep. He will be doing some usecode and adding a few things here and there on the map, specifically to tie up loose ends from U5. Such as, have you ever wondered what happened to the Oppression after Blackthorn was banished? What happened to some of the buildings? The walls around towns? Also, you'll find out just why Horance is there in Skara Brae in the first place...To be continued...

Aiera brings further news of Sanctimonia's vegetation trampling and another update to Zeph's Ultima Minecraft Textures.

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