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[S][W][R]Reconstruction, Lost Sosaria, Dino

22nd March 2007 by Dino

As many of you probably noticed, just about every part of Dino's Ultima Page except the news has been collecting dust and cobwebs. There is much work to do but it has to start somewhere, so today I went over the info pages for Ultima 1 to 3 and did a little cleanup, removing dead links and adding new links. There are still some dead links and the pages are far from complete, but it's better than nothing.

I have many plans for Dino's Ultima Page, among which are a redesign, adding more guides, restoring the Feedback section, completing the guides I started and never finished, bring the Lost Vale fanfiction nearer to its original form, somehow change the web directory, and several other ideas. Considering the news file is nearing a size of 600KB with the weight of almost five years of news, I will also have to do something about this before Dino's Ultima Page starts loading with the speed of a snail. However, as usual, it all boils down to one problem: time.

The Lost Sosaria site, fresh from relaunch, has been updated with some screenshots of Castle Black Dragon.

Over the past few days, Voyager Dragon has been working hard to bring his site, Ultima: The Reconstruction, back up to date. On the 17th, Voyager removed some cancelled projects and added a few new ones. Other updates are about the Avatar Pack for Exult, the Ultima 6 Project and Project Britannia, Ultima 3 for Mac OS X, and a brief history of Ultima: Escape for Mount Drash followed by a mention of the recently-discovered DrashRL by Santiago Zapata.

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