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[S][R]Pagan-NWN: Another Ultima 8 remake for NWN

22nd March 2014 by Dino

A couple of days ago, I got an email from koden-km, who informed me of an Ultima 8 remake that he had started in 2010, and whose files he had just uploaded to Github:

koden-km writes: Sometime around 2010 i had started my own remake with Neverwinter Nights engine. I had most of the area's mapped using the standard NWN tile sets. Just recently I decided to upload my old project module to my GitHub account along with some screenshots of the maps in case someone wants to look it over or even continue with that project.

Check out the Github project for screenshots and the actual mod.

I've taken the occasion to move my old U8 remakes section (formerly in the U8 Guide's main page) into a new U8 Remakes page, beef it up with additional information and screenshots, and add an entry for this newly discovered project.

Unfortunately there does not seem to be much left of The Red Mage's old "Ultima 8 for NWN" remake. If anyone has screenshots or files from that project, please let me know!

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