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[S][W][R]HTTPS, CSS and WebDB2

22nd April 2020 by Dino

Over the past few days, I've made a number of important updates to Dino's Ultima Page.

The first of these is that I've switched to using HTTPS, and if you reach Dino's Ultima Page via unencrypted HTTP, it will automatically take you to the secure HTTPS endpoint.

The second is that I've made minor improvements to the site's visuals, so you'll notice a few rounded corners on the homepage and the font should be a little better if you're visiting from a Linux machine.

Finally, I've gone through the Ultima sites listed in the WebDB2 (all 173 of them) and updated the information (mainly status, last updated date, and a few minor fixes) therein. Interestingly, while performing this maintenance, I noticed a few things:

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