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[W][R]Exult news; U3Project resurrected

22nd June 2007 by Petrell

The Exult team has posted news:

Yes, we have done a lot of work in the past year:

News at Forgotten World inform us that Story Writer/Editor position they announced just two weeks ago has been filled. They are still looking for Texture artists, Programmers (especially C++) and Composers though.

Withstand the Fury Dragon has completed the changes that he had to make due to change of Tilesets in his project, The Worlds of Ultima : Lost Sosaria, and resumed work on new areas. Unfortunately he seem to have also ran into computer trouble. Hopefully it can be resolved.

WtFD also added additional tools he has found to Ultima : Aiera.

Render Dragon has resumed work on U3Project after almost three years of absence. His more immediate goals include:

The first two are done and WAV playback is now handled by the SDL. Next task is getting graphics engine ported.
(Thanks for WtFD over at Aiera for noticing this)

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