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22nd October 2004 by Dino

I have finally moved back to shiftedphase and you can find the site at this address: http://dino.shiftedphase.com/ultima/. The site is still being rebuilt in the new design so bear with me until I can get everything back up. Please update your bookmarks. Dino's Ultima Page will not remain on timeimmortal.net forever and from now on will only be updated on shiftedphase.

With my return to shiftedphase, so has the Ultima VIII - Exile website returned with a subdomain on shiftedphase and a totally new look.

Unfortunately there was nothing we could do on both sites to save the old forum topics. I have a very early backup of about 25 topics of the Dino's Ultima Page forum but the bulk of the topics has been lost.

News from Infinity Eternal: a change of engine is being considered, in favour of the Elder Scrolls - Oblivion engine. This would cause a year of waiting for the engine to come out but would bring more advantages.

Two new dragons have joined the club, the latest being Itzchy Dragon.

No one has volunteered to host the server for Ultima IV Multiplayer so far. Game improvements will continue to be worked on since alpha testing is thus not yet possible.

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