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News articles

[W][R]Lazarus Release Date announced; TLV box sold for almost $2000

22nd October 2005 by Dino

The auction for the Lost Vale box ended on Wednesday. Until about 6 hours before the auction's end, the highest bid was just $310, but last-minute bids made the price shoot up to an amazing $1,923. Although there were many doubts about the box's authenticity, Denis Loubet sent the following email to me, Gradilla, Gromitron and a few others, confirming that the box is in fact authentic:

I have researched the cover and tracked down a person who remembers it. It
is authentic, and most likely a cover done by the Origin marketing
department for a never-released addition to Ultima 8.

Denis Loubet

With Gromitron's permission, I will be hosting copies of the box scans (low-resolution to prevent the production of fake copies) on my Ultima 8 Guide in case they someday vanish from the web.

Other important news is the announcement of a release date for Ultima V: Lazarus, i.e. Christmas 2005. Now you know what to buy your kids for Christmas!

The Titans of Ether have a couple of new recruits, on probation. A few pages on their website have also been updated, including the feature list, the FAQ and the team roster.

There's a nice article at The Escapist about what happened to Origin. Natreg originally told me about this, but it's also been posted at the Exult forum.

The Ultima 6 Project and Project Britannia websites have announced that Project Britannia is more or less ready. All they need now is mirrors to host the 165MB download.

As usual, David Randall keeps working on his Ultima V for TI Calculators. Recent updates include:

At a topic in my forum, Petrell pointed out an update to the Ashes website (which I wouldn't have otherwise noticed). Things are getting harder to manage in the project, but progress is still being made. In fact, new features include stackable events, detached (independent) heads, equippable items and ambient lighting. What do these features mean? Check out the website and find out!

Meanwhile Aloisio Senra, who answered Amazing Dragon's original request for a Chapter 15 for his Lost Vale fanfiction by sending me his own Chapter 15 a couple of years ago, sent me a corrected version of said chapter, as well as Chapter 16. While I am currently short of time and have not yet added it, I will add it soon. So you now have something else to look forward to (apart from Lazarus, Project Britannia, etc.)!

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