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[W][R]U1Revenge demo released

23rd January 2017 by Dino

A few weeks ago, I rebooted my old engine port of Ultima 1, which I call Ultima 1 Revenge. It's got a home on BitBucket where you can get info, the source code, and some downloads.

Today, I have released the first demo since the reboot. You can grab it from the downloads page. Just configure the path to your original Ultima 1 folder (instructions are on the homepage) and you're good to go. You can roam around Sosaria, use Inform and Search ('I' key) to identify locations, toggle full screen (F10), and cycle through different means of transport (square bracket keys).

This project has always been a casual one and will inevitably experience periods of rapid or slow progress. In fact, very soon, this project will go on hiatus for a few weeks - you can blame that on the Ultima Dragons 25th Anniversary Bash. :)

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