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[S][W][R]Dino's, Aiera and DOSBox

23rd March 2007 by Dino

I've been working on updating Dino's Ultima Page again. Here's what I've done today:

DOSBox 0.70 has been released. This can be useful to play some Ultimas that may not run under modern operating systems, especially Ultima 8.

Today's update for Ultima: The Reconstruction is about Ultima-based engines, namely the Dragon Engine and Nazghul.

In yesterday's update to Aiera, Withstand the Fury Dragon mentions that he has added an Orphanage (dead remakes with released content) and a Cemetary (dead remakes with no released content) as new sections to Aiera. WtFD is also offering webspace (which he has in abundance) to anyone needing webspace for an Ultima project website.

Aiera has been updated again today, where several remakes have been added to the site.

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