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[W]The CRPG Addict Begins Ultima VII: The Black Gate

23rd March 2020 by Dino

Just yesterday, The CRPG Addict has written his first post about Ultima VII: The Black Gate as he prepares to pick up the game again after over a decade. Judging from the comments, many people have been waiting to see The CRPG Addict play through this particular game, which is a favourite of many Ultima Dragons.

With many Ultima fans being fans of computer games in general, GOG.com's recent post about how Roberta Williams changed history -- while not Ultima-related -- is probably also of interest to many of us. As it turns out, she received a Pioneer Award during the 20th Game Developers Choice Awards, and many will recognise her as co-founder of Sierra and the mind behind many cherished games like the King's Quest series (among several others).

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