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[S]Ultima Web Directory retired

23rd May 2020 by Dino

Although the old Ultima Web Directory was migrated to the current Ultima Web Database 2 (WebDB2) in 2014, a few info pages still remained. The last of these include my old Exult review from 2003, a list of Exult mods, a page about Ultima 5 for TI Calculators, a page about Ultima V: Lazarus (featuring "talking points" and old download links), and a page about the Ultima V: Lazarus v. 1.1 patch. Although these pages are obsolete, I've salvaged them for their historical value, and made some minor fixes. What remained of the old Ultima Web Directory itself has been retired.

Other than that, I've added links to the MS-DOS Project's recent Mt. Drash review and soundtrack to Dino's Complete Guide to Ultima: Escape from Mount Drash, and the Ultima VII: The Black Gate Opinions page has a new link to a video review of the game by Matt Barton. In the WebDB2, you'll also find a new entry for the Ultima Dragons Facebook Chapter.

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