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[W][R]Ultima 6 Project Milestone 5 released!; Origin Systems' archive restoration project!

23rd July 2008 by Petrell

The idiom "When it rains, it pours" seems to apply to Ultima News as well!

Ultima 6 Project Milestone 5 has been released! Most of the surface world is complete and accessible. List of changes :

RPGWatch has published an article about the Milestone 5.

There is new U6P concept art available in Alex Gonzales' Image Album. First is a concept of Ultima 6 The False Prophet Book and second is concept art for Avatar sacrificial scene in U6P intro.

Iris2 has won the 1st Prize (best project) at the Dusmania 10 hobby game dev meeting at Frankfurt/Germany. Check out their winning trailer at YouTube

Ophidian Dragon has updated his Ultima blog with and entry about Ultima 3.

I can't believe I've missed news about this project:

Members of Wing Commander Combat Information Center and team of other volunteers are currently at Mythic, Virginia assisting in a project to Archive what's left of Origin Systems' data library! They are also recording their discoveries and are making the recordings available at YouTube. Later they plan to upload higher quality videos to WCCIC archive.

Previous news updates about the project at WCCIC:

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