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[S][W][R][F]Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators

23rd September 2005 by Dino

An Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators has been in the making for about a year, and now David Randall, its developer, has decided to tell us about it. I've made a page about it from where you can access all information and media about it, and added an entry for it in my web directory.

I've added six books to the Ultima 8 Writings section. You'll also find a new Ultima 8 easter egg thanks to Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon, which is related to some of the new books. I've also slightly improved the U8 Writings section by using a list for book locations.

My Credits page has been updated with a few new names.

I've fixed a number of broken links in The Lost Vale fanfiction.

David Randall, who's making the Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators, has also suggested a link to a good site with all Ultima 5 town maps - which I have added to the Ultima 5 info page.

To celebrate their first birthday, the Titans of Ether have provided 3 new wallpapers (not just logos but totally new screenshots) and a couple of new FAQs.

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