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[W]Ultima tops Todd Howard's Favourites

24th October 2009 by Dino

At a topic at the Dino's Ultima Page Google Group, Kobra Kai posted a link to Playing Favorites: Bethesda's Todd Howard. This is a list of the top 10 games (and three at 11th place as an honourable mention) in the opinion of Todd Howard, Game Director and Executive Producer at Bethesda Game Studios.

The first place is taken by Ultima 7 (possibly shared by Ultima 4 and 6). Below is what Todd Howard wrote about Ultima:

Todd Howard writes: Depending on the year, I flip this choice around between 3 games: Ultima 4, Ultima 6, or Ultima 7. No other gaming series has, over such a long period of time, given me such joy. I get lost in the world of an Ultima; it’s a real place to me. The people were real, their problems real, and travelling a new world, ripe with its own history, all real to me. Nothing else has inspired what I do as much as Richard Garriott’s creation. If gaming is the ultimate escape, then Ultima is its best game.

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