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25th July 2005 by Dino

Damien Barban, the graphics artist you might remember from his portrait art for Ultima VIII - Exile and his Ultima 7 comic, has received a good response for said comic and has released the next 15 comic strips at his website, Fantasiart. For those of you who haven't yet read the comic before, there are now 33 comic strips to read.

The update to Damien's comic has been mentioned at the Dragon Press too, where the last chapters of "The Journalist and the Sea" were uploaded just a few days ago.

Meanwhile Johnny Wood from Ultima 4 Multiplayer has officially closed alpha testing and is having a break. The next step is beta testing, which is hoped to take place in a few months' time.

The Lazarus forums were having some trouble (as you can see from the last two newsposts) but are now back and working again.

Corv, leader of the Titans of Ether, has released a couple of screenshots of Castle British along with a tune called "Britain". The team roster has also been updated.

And for those who are bothered by the long silence at Ultima VIII - Exile, Corvwyn posted a little article offering some explanations.

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