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[W][R]Anteform Released

25th August 2019 by Dino

Feneric, who is behind the recent Ultima-inspired game Minima, has released a new game called Anteform while several of us were away at VirtueCon 2019 in Germany last weekend.

Anteform is a weird detective RPG with the feel of a retro 8-bit Ultima game and a story that’d fit in more closely with the Ultima: Worlds of Adventure series. It’s fully playable and winnable, and through a combination of talking with the right people and searching the right places it’s possible to figure out what’s going on in Anteform Valley, and by building up experience and getting the right equipment, it’s possible to put a stop to it.

As with the traditional Ultima games, a players guide containing tips on getting started is included.

Anteform was written using the Minima Engine for PICO-8, so if you’re familiar with the keyboard commands for Minima you’ll feel right at home with Anteform.

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