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News articles

[W][R]Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands Alpha 0.1 Released

26th February 2009 by Petrell

Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands Alpha 0.1 Released

0.1 Alpha version of the Exult mod Ultima VII: The Feudal Lands has been released.

The Alpha release contains The Feudal Land's namesake fully mapped in the chunk form, the broadest form in Ultima VII mapping, Redesigned Spellcasting System allowing NPC spellcasting, Karma system, the Gypsy intro, Properly Functioning Inns and Lock Lake Cleanup. Both the Quests & Interactions patch by Alun Bestor and the Black Gate Keyring Mod by Marzo Sette Torres, Jr have also been fully integrated into The Feudal Lands mod.

You can discuss and leave comments about the release at Exult Forum.

Wizardry Dragon has also posted about projects current and future plans and about 0.1.1 Alpha version that they plan to release in next few days. They are also looking for writers, artist and coders to join the team.

U6 Project - February Update at RPGWatch

Ultima 6 Project February Update has been posted at RPGWatch. While great progress is being made in most areas and Milestone 6 is sceduled to be released in April, the bad news is that it appears that they may not be able to make all the needed music tracks and npc portraits for final release of the game and may have to leave it up to community to contribute the missing ones post release.

The Ultima 6 Project is nearing completion, and the scope of the project is such that we're going to have to cut back on some non-critical items in order to be able to complete the game with our current resources. The final release will not have all the music or portraits completed. We are therefore asking the community to contribute portraits and music, and will host a site for them to be shared. Instructions on adding them to the game will be provided, along with the list of NPC's needing portraits, and the areas needing music. In the meantime, any musicians or portrait artists who would like to join the team would be most welcome. We are also looking for play testers to help us find bugs so we can get rid of them.

U6P Team is currently looking for 3D modellers, 2D artists (portraits/textures, etc.), writers and music creators to help them with the project. If you are interested and able to contribute post in project forums.

Keyring Mod updated

Black Gate Keyring has been updated fixing bug that prevented meditation at the shrine of spirituality. Updated version is available at Seven Towers

Savage Empire Remake for Exult updates

Scythifuge has posted quite few updates on his progress on Savage Empire Remake for Exult. While there are no new screenshots he does list various items he has completed, is woking on and plans to work on in the future.

Ultima VII Enhanced Sountrack Project releases new tracks

tedreedy working to create Enhanced Sountrack for Ultima VII has released 3 new enhanced music tracks. The new tracks are Stones (enhanced), The Kilrathi and Sir Dupre's Sacrifice and can be downloaded from his site. Comments and suggestion can be posted at Exult Forum

Ultima Restoration Project updates

Ultima Restoration Project has released Ultima VII Moongate System for 169 and CEP v2.2 and posted new screenshots from their Ultima VIII: Pagan remake.

New Iris2 stable release

New stable version (build 2938) of the Iris2 has been released. It indroduces rubimentary character creation and disables Luajit due to memory leaks.

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