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[S][W][R]Remake and Web Directory Updates

26th March 2005 by Dino

As far as my Ultima Web Directory is concerned, the page for Specific Info Sites was getting a little long, so I moved some sites into a new page for Written Info Sites. Eventually I might categorise all the Specific Info Sites. I also did some maintenance, fixing some broken links and updating the description of Ultima: The Reconstruction.

Sound has been added to Pentagram, and while some sounds are still missing, they will be added in the near future. Credits and Quotes are also now available.

The latest two dragons on the roster are Trivia Dragon and Sightless Dragon.

The alpha testing competition for Ultima IV Multiplayer ends tonight, and Johnny Wood added a couple of really easy questions to encourage participation.

News I read off Aiera: in a topic at the Exult forum, Andrea B Previtera posted some screenshots of his 3D engine, Ashes, which uses some Ultima 7 graphics.

My Guestbook is back in case you want to drop any comments!

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