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[S][W][R]Project Britannia and Savage Empire Guide

26th August 2005 by Dino

Zephyr from the Ultima 6 Project sent me an email telling me that big news was announced on the U6P site. And rightly so, the news of the day is the launch of Project Britannia, which is the world of Britannia built by both Lazarus and Archon in Dungeon Siege. This is great news for anyone wanting to make an Ultima remake in Dungeon Siege, as it saves them having to build the whole world from scratch. You can read more about Project Britannia at the Lazarus, U6 Project and Project Britannia websites.

The other big news of today, not as big as Project Britannia of course, concerns Dino's Ultima Page. I'm pleased to announce that a new guide is in the works and will be made public soon. I've been working on this Savage Empire guide for about three days now, and it's coming along nicely. A lot of the information is already there, and I made it interactive so that you can enjoy dialogues, cutscenes, the introduction, character creation and credits exactly as they are in the game. Depending on the rate at which I keep working on it, I might make it public in a few days' time. Meanwhile if you want to give a little hand, have a look at the forum - there are a couple of topics where your input could be valuable.

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