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[W][R]Issues and Space Travel

26th August 2009 by Dino

I forgot to mention with the last update that one of the reasons why it is important to have the Lazarus forum back, as Tribun Dragon told me, is that there has been some talk on said forum that Lazarus has some problems with Windows 7.

Apparently Geocities will be closing completely on 26th October 2009. That's 2 months from now. A decent share of the Ultima presence on the internet is hosted on Geocities (there are at least 20 sites that I know of) and it would be a shame to lose those sites. As I have been suggesting since April, everyone should make a copy of the Ultima sites on Geocities (possibly using tools such as wget) to ensure distribution of these sites so that they don't get lost forever. Any webmaster of these sites who would like some hosting, please get in touch with me (it's free).

Aiera posted a link to a post about a video of Richard Garriott on space travel.

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