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[S][W][R]Hannibal's U9 site revived; AOB to follow

26th September 2005 by Dino

This weekend I got permission to host both the now-defunct "Hannibal's Ultima IX Page" and dev docs from Adventures of Blackthorn. Both Hannibal and Wind Walker (the latter being the former leader of Adventures of Blackthorn) did not stop at giving me permission, but also sent me any files I didn't have. Hannibal's Ultima IX Page is already hosted on Dino's Ultima Page as part of my ever-growing Graveyard of once-lost Ultima sites. Along with the original website, you'll find part of Hannibal's Ultima 9 Saved Game Archive as well as an all-new bonus from Hannibal: his very own Ultima 9 walkthrough. The documents from Adventures of Blackthorn will be added right after I get them organised. They include information about the plot, characters, geography and other areas of the game. I also have six dialogues from Adventures of Blackthorn in HTML format which I wrote myself, because, as some of you might remember, I was once a dialogue writer in this project.

The page about the Ultima 5 remake for TI calculators has been updated. Among the new things you'll find a list of features, a list of what's been done and what's in progress, a new animated gif demo and a link to David Randall's Ticalc webpage.

The Lazarus website speaks of a large Project Britannia update. In fact, the people behind Project Britannia have added a whole wiki documentation to the site as well as a Release Plan.

Withstand the Fury Dragon, still recovering from a video card burnout, has been adding dialogue to his project, Lost Sosaria.

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