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[S][W]U9 Preview Chest update

26th December 2009 by Dino

When I created the U8 Mysteries page last week, the first section was about the rumours about the Ultima 9 Preview Chest. They also included a paragraph quoted by Stefan Gruber which contained additional information about it. Both he and I were unable to find that paragraph on the internet.

By consulting the Internet Archive, I managed to find a copy of the website of Jeff Abramson, who had written a walkthrough/FAQ for Ultima 8 which is mirrored in several places on the internet. It turned out that Jeff had updated this document with new information about the U9 preview chest, but the update remained on his website only - and went down with Geocities.

I have updated the U8 Mysteries page accordingly.

In other news, Aiera has been updated to correct an error in a previous news post, and to wish us a happy Christmas.

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