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[S]Happy New Era, As Dino Steps Aside

26th December 2011 by Dino

I've evidently been busy lately. I've reached the point where the effort needed to maintain Dino's Ultima Page on a regular basis is more than I can afford. And since nobody has answered the three recent calls for assistance in posting news, I have no option but to let it go.

Although this is a sad decision for me, it is one that I take without regret. The two main aspects of this site - news and information - are covered by Ultima: Aiera and The Codex of Ultima Wisdom (respectively) in ways better than I ever could.

It is in these good hands that I leave you as I move on. It was a pleasure to serve the Ultima community for almost ten years, and I also feel that the Ultima community has been an important part of my life.

Dino's Ultima Page will remain online for as long as I draw strength, and although I will not update it regularly any more, I am not ruling out the possibility of returning to it occasionally.

Ultima Dragons: Thank you, happy holidays, and good luck!

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