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[W][R]Reason for AOB shutdown

27th June 2004 by Dino

Yesterday I had a chat with Wind Walker, who originally led Adventures of Blackthorn. I invited him to shed some light on why his project vanished suddenly in mid-February 2004. The conversation can be read online at Dino's Ultima Page.

The Lazarus site's latest news points to an interview with Claymore at Grimwell.

DrCode, one of the developers on Exult, has posted in the Exult forum about some things he is implementing:

Now that 1.2 has been released, we can work on new features. This means that the daily snapshots could become more "interesting". I've just merged in the following:

  1. Support (not complete) for multiple maps.
  2. Combat uses dexterity to determine how fast you can strike.
  3. Wand charges are kept track of.

Other news from UltimaDot includes:

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