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27th June 2006 by Dino

Paeron posted in Aiera's Sword and Shield forums, back in February, news of progress with decoding Ultima 9 file formats. Paeron announced having released a large guide to all the file formats in Ultima 9.

News of Lazarus needing beta testers for the French version (which we already knew about) has finally reached their homepage.

Ultima: The Reconstruction, inactive for almost a year, posted an update about Pentagram and uploaded the latest snapshots.

News thanks to Petrell: new screenshots have been added to the Forgotten World project. They feature parts of the new Western Yew and Northern Cliffs.

News thanks to Hoki-Aamrel the Cherry-Red Dragon: GameSetWatch recently posted a couple of Ultima-related newsbits. The first is about GameTap re-releasing Ultima 1-6, which is scheduled to take place on 29th June. The second is about Ultima Online using the PunkBuster anti-cheat technology.

More news thanks to Petrell: the Ultima 6 Project updated their job openings page. Looks like they need a couple of portrait artists, three worldbuilders, and a 3D Modeller.

The Ultima 4 Multiplayer server is currently inactive because the server is moving to a new location.

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